[pso] [tema5]struct sk_buff

Codrin Alexandru Grajdeanu grcodal at gmail.com
Sat Mar 29 18:10:28 EET 2008

Found this:
There are new functions for finding specific headers within packets:
tcp_hdr(), udp_hdr(), ipip_hdr(), and ipipv6_hdr().

2008/3/29 Codrin Alexandru Grajdeanu <grcodal at gmail.com>:
> In vers de kernel 2.6.22 s-a modificat struct sk_buff si laboratorul
>  de networking nu mai este actual.
>  Acum aveam in sk_buff urmatorii pointeri:
>          sk_buff_data_t          transport_header;
>          sk_buff_data_t          network_header;
>  Inainte in struct sk_buff aveam niste pointeri de tipul struct iphdr,
>  tcphdr si udphdr in nh->iph, h->th, h->uh.
>  Cum extrag struct iphdr, tcphdr si udphdr din transport_header si
>  network_headr sau ip, port sursa-dest de aici :D ?
>  Multumesc,
>  Codrin Grajdeanu

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